Hello there.  I want to make this post short and sweet.  This is for all of you out there that are considering buying a digital camera, or digital camera equipment.  There are so many products out there it is really difficult to decide what to buy, unless you have oodles of time to research.  Although I’m a big proponent of doing your research before you buy, I’m also a big proponent of efficiency.  So, if you’re of the same mindset check Snapsort, a website I found when I was perusing Beyond Megapixels.  You can limit your search to a certain price range, compare cameras, read about lenses, etc.  So great!

Also, don’t discount the used route.  Craigslist and Ebay are possible avenues to pursue a used camera or camera equipment; but be very careful!  I bought my camera used and at a very good price from my wedding photographer, who took immaculate care of the camera.  Even though I trust my wedding photographer, we still met at a camera shop and had the camera examined.  

Also,  check out this great article I found through Beyond Megapixels that provides good tips on buying used.  This is the second part to the article.

Good luck!


One Comment to “wtb”

  1. Thanks for the tips! I am shopping for a digital camera tomorrow so this will come in handy. I wish you could just come out here and take pictures of the farm for me, photography has always been so overwhelming to me, guess I should have paid better attention in photography class. Will I see you in Minnesota end of August?

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